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REIKI I Course

Posted 25 February 2016


REIKI Courses available with Natural Elements Flyer



Reiki is a Japanese Healing System for Health & Wellbeing, most importantly it is a journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. Shifu Paul has been teaching Reiki for a number of years now and in March we have our next Reiki level I course. You will learn about the history and techniques behind this beautiful art as well as be 'attuned' to the system so that you can begin to give treatments to yourself, family & friends. The course takes place over two days and by the end you will have begun a new step in your life toward balance and happiness. The sessions are taught in a very grounded and down to earth way with all the usual craziness of Shifu Paul's examples and humour. If you would like to join us on the course it is important that you make your interest known directly to Shifu Paul as this is part of the process - making the decision and moving forward with it.


Date & Time

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March 2016

10 - 4 each day


NE Member - £95

Non member - £105




To register interest or to find out more information then please contact Paul at: OR call 0800 756 6422




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Chen Style Tai Chi Beginners Workshop

Posted 25 February 2016

Saturday 9th April - 2pm to 6pm


Chen Style Tai Chi Beginners Workshop 2016


All levels including complete beginners welcome! This half day workshop is a must for all new comers and those wishing to improve their beginner level of Chen Style Tai Chi Quan. It will help deepen your understanding of the techniques of the Silk Reeling Basics and the 11 Part Form (as taught by Grandmaster Gou Kongjie) and by the end of the workshop you will be able to practise the Form the whole way through with cleaner movements, a greater internal awareness & basic understanding of Tai Chi Principles. Everything you need to help you improve and grow in a class setting!

Date & Time

Saturday 9th April 2016
2pm - 6pm


NE Members - £30

Non Members - £35


St Edmund Campion Church Hall
St Edmund Campion Church
Castle Lane West


For more information or to book please call on 0800 756 6422, email us at, visit our Bookings Page, OR talk with Shifu Paul in class. Please Note: Places should be confirmed and paid for on booking.



Chen Tai Chi Push Hands 2016

Posted 25 February 2016

10 Week Course - Beijing Lineage Tui Shou

Chen Tai Chi Push Hands Course 2016This course is for all levels, however you will be practising various exercises dependant on your skill level. Push Hands Practise will deepen and increase your Tai Chi ability across the board. Beginners should approach the sessions from a perspective of developing connectivity throughout the body, strengthening their root and understanding why we do the things we do in the silk reeling and forms. For the more advanced students practise will bring about the steps needed to understand the connection between form and the martial use of Chen Tai Chi Quan. The exercises that we will be working on will be as taught by Grandmaster Gou Kongjie and his master Grandmaster Chen Zhao Kui, one of the most well known Chen Practitioners of his generation. Along with his father, Chen Fake, Chen Zhao Kui was most famous for his Martial prowess. You will be learning the Beijing Lineage Style of Practise.

Date & Time

Tuesday 15th March - Tuesday 17th May 2016
7pm - 8.30pm


Natural Elements Members - £90

Non members - £110


Annunciation Church Hall
Annunciation Church
218 Charminster Road
Bournemouth BH8 9RW


To join this course please contact 0800 7566422 , email - visit our Bookings Page, or if you are one of our students fill out the appropriate form in class!

Christmas Party "Hoedown" 2015!

Posted 23 November 2015

Wednesday 16th November - 6pm to 10pm-ish


Natural Elements Christmas Party Hoedown 2015

Yeehaaaa! That's right lovely people it's time, and to "step in time" is what we're asking! This year's Christmas Party is a good 'ol Hoedown and we are super excited to have you all join us for the best get together of the year!!

The highlight of the evening is our live band 'Cut A Shine' and Stomping Dave to take us through the moves! Check out their video via this link.

There's going to be stacks of stuff going on from the Hoedown itself to party games, raffle, tasty American buffet and more. As usual its fancy dress and we really encourage getting into the Hoedown spirit! Prizes for best outfit!

Doors open and food at 6pm so the young ones don't have to wait.

And of course all friends and family are invited! The more the merrier!


Adults - £16

Children (under 10's) - £12.50

Prices include Live Band, American Buffet and Soft Drinks


The Annunciation Church Hall, 218 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 9RW


For more information or to book please call on 0800 756 6422, email us at OR talk with Shifu Martine & Shifu Paul in class. Please Note: Places should be confirmed and paid for on booking.




Posted 30 October 2015

Five Element Workshop: Discover your Element

Five Element Workshop Discover Your Element 2015Discover about yourself and others through the theory of the Five Elements. Throughout this workshop you will discover and learn about all of the elements. You will learn how they make up the very fabric of our universe, including ourselves, and how they influence our very being emotionally, mentally & physically. We will cover how all of these elements are present within us from birth and how one of them is imbalanced giving us our constitutional imbalance type or CF - Constitutional Factor, having an important effect on our personality, emotions and physical health. You will gain insight into the virtues and vices of each. How to recognize the signs for each element within someone - Colour, sound, emotion and Odour. And then what steps we can take to balance them. This workshop will help you to see life and its surroundings in a fuller context, lead you to a new and compassionate understanding of yourself and others and to inspire personal understanding, growth and development.


Date & Time

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015 - 10am to 4pm


Natural Elements Members - £105

Non members - £110


Kinson Community Centre

Millhams Road

Pelhams Park


BH10 7LH


To join this workshop please contact 0800 7566422 , email - , or if you are one of our students fill out the appropriate form in class!

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