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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu


Mindful, Traditional, Challenging

Shaolin TempleShaolin Kung Fu is a specific, authentic style of the Chinese Martial Arts. Originating in the Shaolin Temple, situated at Shaoshi Mountain in the west of Songshan Mountain ranges, Dengfeng City, Henan, China, Shaolin Kung Fu is characterised by it's fast, fluid, powerful and direct movements. Its famous forms and weapons and specialised training techniques, such as "Iron Shirt" Qi Gong, the Yi jin Jing "Muscle Tendon Change Classic", running up mountains and coming down again on hands and feet, are all but a small part of this exciting and dynamic style.

Shaolin Kung Fu has a very long history in Chinese culture and encompasses a number of different styles and disciplines of practice all underpinned by the Buddhist philosophies of Chan (also known as Zen); the practise of Chan Buddhism helping to develop awareness and cultivate physical, mental and spiritual growth in order to achieve “wu” a realization or enlightenment. The monks of the Shaolin temple train their bodies with Kung Fu helping to unite the mind, energy and physical body strengthening discipline and spiritual awareness that can be found from these many different practices. This is why we teach and hope to pass on the very truth and core of Shaolin Kung Fu to our students.

Shaolin Kung Fu - National Geographic Documentary Recently, Shaolin Kung Fu has been made very popular though the media, film and television, with many films and theatrical shows demonstrating the amazing feats that these martial art practitioners and monks can do. Feats that are not beyond anyones means and can be obtained through hard work and dedication. As one of our old teachers used to say "through hard work comes success!"

Within the many layers of this system there are a number of attributes that you will acquire with practice:

Kids Camp 2012 Pu Bu Stance

Our classes are challenging wether you are an adult or a young person but we teach from our hearts and in fun ways in order to help guide you to your full potential. Everybody is capable!

You will learn traditional and modern practices that have been passed down from generation to generation and have now been passed to us through our teacher Yan Min Chen - 34th Generation Shaolin warrior Monk of the original shaolin temple. Training will be taught using similar methods as in China.

In these classes you will first learn “Ji Ben Gong” these are your basics, the foundation techniques that you need to build your skill. These involve stances, kicks, punches, combination movements, flexibility, basic gymnastics, stamina and strength. From here you are shown the "Tao Lu" (forms - a series of movements kind of like a dance that are all applications for self defense) Once these have been improved and a deeper awareness has been attained by the student the "Shi Jian" (applications) are taught.

Other areas of practice will include:

  • San Shou - Chinese Kick Boxing.
  • Qi gong (soft and hard) - Sequence of special movements designed to strengthen internal and external body.
  • Acrobatics.
  • Weapons.

The training is hard but with dedication, patience, bravery and gong fu (hard work) it is possible to enter the journey toward fulfilling your potential as a martial artist and also as a human being.

There are also a number of opportunities available to students, if they wish, that include gradings, competitions and even a visit to China to train authentically in the traditional way.


Kung Fu Headstands Sport BU Shifu Martine Niven with Shi Yong Xin Abbott of Shaolin Temple China 2014 Kung Fu Class Splits Littledown Centre