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Health and Education

Health and Education is an important part of our lives. We rely on our mind, energy and body to survive so we must learn to reconnect with all these aspects of ourselves to help us flourish as human beings. All the disciplines we teach have deep philosophies as well as physical aspects. Taught correctly they can help us all change and balance our ways of thinking, our energy and our bodies. Since we began teaching we have worked with many groups on many levels helping people to enhance their lives through deepening self awareness, increasing levels of fitness and focusing their minds. Groups range across a massive spectrum of age and ability which meets our ethos - to reach and help as many people as possible with these wonderful teachings. Please look below for details of just some of them. If you would like to link with us or have any projects that you think would be of interest then please contact us and we will be very happy to have a chat and discuss ideas.


Living Well Active

Living Well Active LogoLed by Macmillan Cancer Support, Sport England and Active Dorset, Living Well Active is a service for people (18+) living with or beyond cancer in Dorset. Whether you are in treatment for cancer, finished treatment or are years on beyond cancer, they are there to offer you a helping hand to health, fitness and wellbeing that's meaningful to you. Natural Elements are honoured to be their representative for all things Tai Chi & Qi Gong!


Bournemouth School For Girls

Bournemouth School For GirlsOne of the top performing state schools in the country, BSG is a dynamic and exciting community to work and learn in. They are committed to providing the very best possible education for their pupils, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in drama and music or in a wide range of extra-curricular activities; one of those being Self Defence classes run by Natural Elements' Shifu Martine.


Parkinsons Disease Society

Parkinsons Disease SocietyOur Parkinson's Tai Chi group has been running for a number of years now and is going from strength to strength. Aiding sufferers not only with their physical balance, flexibility and stability, but also helping them manage the mental and emotional side of the disease through the social aspect of being together and sharing experiences, and also through the development of their own mindfulness.


NHS Pain Management Unit - Poole

NHS Pain Management UnitInitially through talks and taster sessions we set up a link with the NHS Pain Management Unit in Poole. We now run a weekly Tai Chi class for people dealing with Chronic pain. The issues that students have are diverse but again through learning awareness both physical and mindful they are able to begin coping with their conditions in a new way and start to become more active in their own healing process.


The Wing Centre - (Cambian Group)

The Wing CentreTeaching Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu to young men with Asperger Syndrome. Assisting with the centres ethos of helping the young people to accept themselves, understand their diagnosis, tolerate others, build self-confidence and experience success as they make the transition to adult life.


CRI - Foundation Programme

CRI Foundation ProgrammeWorking with people who are dependent on Alcohol or Drugs and have funded their use through crime. The foundation programe looks to help with rehabilitation through enhancing routes into treatment and helping people take positive steps forward with their lives.


Resident Homes

Avon Lee Lodge Residents HomeOver the years we have taught students of all ages and abilities right the way through to 97! Working with the older generation to keep their mind and bodies active and healthy we still teach Tai Chi and give Reiki (Japanese Healing art) in residents homes. We also do talks and taster sessions for Brendon Care.


Learning Disabilities

Sheiling School RingwoodTeaching various groups both adult and young people, mild to severe, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Inspiring movement, expression (both physical and emotional), body awareness, flexibility and independance. Notably the borough of poole, social services, community outreach and support team and Sheiling School Ringwood.


Schools, Colleges and Universities

Sport BU at Bournemouth UniversityWe have taught at many educational establishments from primary school to university level. Activity days, social and public events, as a service provider for charity/funded events and courses. All the disciplines we teach are highly adaptable not only within themselves but also in the situations they can be used ie. one moment we could be doing an "Oriental day" at a primary school the next day "Movement classes" at a drama school and the next at a "Youth music festival" in an activity tent! We have worked with various youth groups, Bournemouth Chinese School and their linked schools, Bournemouth University, East 15 Drama School London, Avonbourne Secondary School, and Haymoor Middle School to name but a few.


Talks, Tasters & Demonstrations

Bournemouth Borough Council Town HallTalks, tasters and demonstrations are an important part of what we do. Bringing awareness of the possibilities of the arts we teach in various areas including health education and leisure. Small social and meeting groups through to very large corporate events and conferences. Here are some of the places we have run sessions and demonstrated at: Bournemouth Borough Council Town Hall, Poole Borough Council Town Hall, Pool Dolphin Centre, Bournemouth Library, Castlepoint Shopping Centre, Private Events Nationwide and Various Conferences, all with differing themes, Nationwide.