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Kung Fu Kickathon and Tai Chiaton

Kung Fu KickathonOn the 15th and 16th of December 2012 we are running a sponsored Kung Fu Kickathon and Tai Chiathon as fundraisers for club equipment. For the Kung Fu Kickathon, our Kung Fu kids will be doing Kung Fu Kicks for 3 hours! For the Tai Chiathon, our head instructor Paul Lockyer and students will be doing Tai Chi for 8 hours *phew*

Tai ChiathonNeedless to say, it will be challenging for everybody involved, but the money raised is going to important safety equipment and a club van in which to carry it. The club van will help to carry all the equipment to and from the various venues we teach at and also will be used for any events or for helping out our community of students.

One of the other things we are aiming to buy with the money raised is an indoor inflatable tumble track for learning Kung Fu acrobatics efficiently and safely (and it's fun too!). Click [here] to see what the track looks like.

To support these novel events, join us on facebook (Kickathon event - Taichiathon event) or contact Paul on 0800 7566422 or email

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