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Introductory Tai Chi workshop in Southampton

Grandmaster Gou Tai Chi Fan WorkshopOn Saturday 27th October, Paul Lockyer is coming to Southampton to run an introductory workshop on Chen style Tai Chi. This is a great opportunity for beginners and Tai Chi enthusiasts alike to learn more about this dynamic style of Tai Chi.

The workshop will cover the underlying philosophy of Tai Chi, Silk Reeling practice (spiral energy movements) and the beginning of the 11 part form (as taught by Grandmaster Kongjie Gou). It will help you to begin the journey of connecting your mind/intention, Qi (energy) and physical movements through traditional techniques communicated in a fun and modern way.

The workshop is held at the Exile Gym, Unit 1, Redcar Street, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5LL.

Cost is £35, or £30 concession.

For more information or to book a place, call Paul on 07962 930837 or email

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